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Who We Are 
AoA staff
The Academy of Alameda is composed of two public charters -the Academy of Alameda Elementary School and the Academy of Alameda Middle School. It serves one of the most diverse student populations in the state and is committed to providing all students a world-class education including supporting students’ social-emotional development. In addition to providing students with deep learning experiences that are academically and emotionally engaging, students' learning experiences in and out of the classroom are shaped by The Academy's commitment to social justice.
The Academy of Alameda staff has an excellent reputation for connecting to its diverse families, providing students a strong academic foundation, and for building meaningful relationships in and between students, staff, and families. Finally, we take pride in our fierce commitment to our envisioned future of supporting all of our student's success and that their destinies are not determined by their demographics.
Our Mission


The Academy of Alameda equitably develops students into critical thinkers and life-long learners who navigate the world with integrity and who apply their learning to empower themselves and their communities.

Our Envisioned Future

The Academy of Alameda envisions a future where all students are successful, and their destinies are not determined by their demographics.

Learn More About Working at AoA!

​We continually improve
our practice individually and
​as an organization
​to meet our students’ needs​.

We are collectively responsible for supporting all of our students’ academic success and social-emotional well-being.

We build
meaningful relationships
within and ​between our staff,
​students and families.

We promote social justice in all aspects of our work with students, families, and staff so that we achieve equitable student outcomes. 


We value student and staff diversity and work to collaborate effectively across similarities and differences.