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Hi my name is Ms. Ebonie Hill and my preferred pronouns are she/her/hers/Black Queen! I am the Coordinator of Elementary Student Culture and have been here for the last three years. 
I am currently the Coordinator of Student Culture for AOA Elementary School. My job responsibility includes a plethora of things. I support students with social emotional and behavioral needs, family outreach. I also plan and facilitate most school-wide events. I am a member of the Counselors Team, COST Team and the Equity Inclusion Team.
I am very passionate about empowering our children of the future. As educators it is our job to make sure our staff, family and students have the tools they need and deserve.
Fun fact about me, is that I love plants, but do not have a green thumb whatsoever.
At AOA we practice Restorative Justice and that is extremely important. We focus on equity and how to not only educate our students, bur how important it is to be good people.
The best way to contact me is through email (ehill@aoaschools.org) or Google Voice (302-858-0494). Please click the email link above to send me a message.