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Elementary School SpEd Program

The Academy of Alameda’s Special Education Program Overview

We offer a full-inclusion program centered on the belief that all students benefit from having students with disabilities in general education classes. Students receive their services as indicated on their IEPs (Individualized Education Plan) in a variety of ways, that may include push-in support in general education classes, supported small group work during classes, or pull-out support in small groups or one-on-one. The Academy of Alameda values the idea of IEP team collaboration among parents or guardians, General Education teachers, Education Specialists/Case Managers, an Administrator, and other service providers. When appropriate, we also include the student as an IEP team member. Here is more information about our program: 

  • We are a part of the Sonoma County Charter SELPA (Special Education Local Planning Area)
    • Our SELPA Program Specialist is John Fischer

  • We operate as our own Local Education Agencies (2 LEAs, Elementary School and Middle School but currently in the midst of consolidating into one LEA)
  • Middle School Case Managers typically stay with students (and their families) as the students matriculate through the grades 

  • We have Special Education-specific Instructional Aides in both schools.

  • As a full-inclusion program, we are continually looking to provide an appropriate program for students with IEPs while considering the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)

  • Our program depends on regular collaboration between Special Education staff and General Education teachers

Elementary School Special Education Staff 

Additional Service Providers


  • Margaret Maceda Duggan, Occupational Therapist & Assistive Technology
  • Jennifer Watt- Deaf and Hard of Hearing Specialist