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My name is Angela De Claro and my preferred pronouns are she/her/hers. I am an Elementary School Learning Hub Support Provider and this is my first year working at AoA. 
I was born in Alameda and grew up splitting my time between the West End and San Leandro. Fun fact, my mom, her siblings, and the majority of my cousins all went to the Academy of Alameda for middle school when it was known as Chipman Middle School! In my life prior to AoA, I was a sales and marketing director at several tech start-ups in the talent acquisition, data privacy, and data security space. In college, I was Division 1 rower at Sacramento State University, but missed the Bay so much, I came back home and earned my B.A. degree in Journalism and International Relations from San Francisco State University.
I grew up in this community and went to San Leandro public schools the majority of life. I was able to achieve incredible success in the business world, right alongside people who were afforded the best education money could buy. I was able to hold my own because of the support from my community, including the teachers and mentors throughout my life who helped me build a strong educational foundation, always believed in me, challenged me and pushed me to do better. I am committed to working with students to show them it is possible and to help them achieve the same success, in whatever capacity that is for them.
The joy that students bring me, the supportive staff, and the collective unwavering belief in AoA's mission and envisioned future is what made me easily leave the business world and it is what keeps me working here at the Academy of Alameda.
The best way to contact me is through email ( Please click the email link above to send me a message.