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My name is Martin, some students call me the tech wizard. My preferred pronouns are he/him/his, I am the Technology Coordinator and this is my 4th year working at AoA. 
I went to UC Riverside for my bachelors in Economics. A lot of people ask me "Then how did you end up doing tech for schools?" Well it started with hobbies and interests in computers and finding different ways to use them. A fun fact about me is, like most kids these days, I have been playing video games since as far as I can remember and I enjoyed every moment of it.
I'm not actually a wizard, but I wish I can do magic. I love working at AoA because of my fellow coworkers whom I can call my friends. I have met many people in this school that are interested in technology, perhaps even more than me. I have taught a lot and also learned a lot, not only from adults but students as well. It just proves to show that we, even as adults, never stop learning.
The best way to contact me would be by email at Please click the email button above to send a message.