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My name is Alex and my preferred pronouns are she/her/hers.
I've worn many hats here at AoA and have been an employee for 8 years! I have worked as an after school instructor, taught cooking classes, song writing classes, junior engineering, and stop motion film. I have been an instructional aide, 1:1 aide, operations assistant and am now the front office coordinator. Some fun facts about me are that I sing and create music. There is never a time you won't hear me singing or humming a tune. I also dance hula and have been dancing since I was a little girl. I also love fishing, gardening and cooking! I hope to someday educate people on food sovereignty and sustainability.  I strive to always be an advocate for those who feel silenced or unseen.
I am a great resource for knowledge, yet I am always open for brand new ideas and feedback! I am here to help and am always thinking of creative and efficient ways to serve our community.
I love AoA because of the strong and lifelong relationships I have built with not only staff but students and their families. I have so many alumni students that will return just to visit or ask for advice. Once at AoA, you become family! AoA will always hold a special place in my life, because I basically grew up here and learned all of my professional skills while working so many roles and have had amazing people taking me under their wing that I will forever be grateful for.
There are a few options for how you can reach me. (510) 748-4017 ext. 28751 for my direct line, or just hit 0, and you'll be transferred to the front office. You can also e-mail me at or text the google voice line at (707) 641-2817.