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AoA's Annual Fundraiser

180 Reasons to Support AoA!

While The Academy of Alameda receives the majority of its funds from the state and federal governments each year, that funding does not fully support the quality of educational programs that we want all of our students to experience at AoA. Additional funding is needed to support our equity-centered envisioned future: We envision a future where all of our students are successful and their destinies are not determined by their demographics.
We are asking families to donate $1 per day ($180 for the year) for each of their students to help enhance AoA’s academic and social-emotional programs. This year the funds we raise will focus on future enhancements in the following programs:

  • Family Engagement Liaison 
  • Additional Technology Support
  • Staffing for On-Campus Distance Learning Hubs
  • Clubs
  • Tutoring/student support 
  • Music program
  • Spanish program
  • Other enrichment programs 
Help us reach our goal of $60,000!
If we are able to raise $1 per day for each student, we will meet this year’s AoA Annual Fund goal of $60,000 to invest in programs that support the success of all of our students. While some families may not be able to contribute that amount this year, we are hoping that other families can contribute more than $1 per day to support others. Funds received will be shared between our elementary and middle school programs based on the percentage of each school’s student population.